Sunday Morning

* Nursery Provided throughout services

1. Sunday School: 9:30am

Classes for all ages

2. Worship: 10:30am

Our worship is primarily congregational and consists of a blend of hymns and contemporary songs. All songs are arranged based upon a standard of “Substance over Style” to unify the Church and Glorify God.

3. Preaching: Begins around 11:00am

Our preaching is primarily expositional and usually last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Children’s Church is provided from 10:30 to the end of service for ages 3 and up. 

Sunday Night

1. Worship: 6pm

2. Preacher Pals: We encourage our parents to teach their children bible verses throughout the week. Preacher pals is an opportunity for those children to recite the verses they have learned in front of the church.

3. Preaching

Wednesday Night

1. Churchwide Adult Bible Study

2. Awana’s Children’s Ministry

3. Emerge Youth Ministries